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Kids love to help their parents! Whether they are toddlers or school-aged children, kids love praise and want to show they can help around the house. What is an appropriately aged chore for a child, though? An appropriate task is one the child can accomplish, a duty that is fun, and a job that builds self-confidence. You don’t want to create a chore that is too difficult.

Ages 2-4

Toddlers/Pre-school aged children can do a lot more than you would imagine. Some pertinent chores for ages 2-4 include putting their laundry away and separating laundry colors. Helping with laundry is a fantastic job because it develops responsibility and accountability in children. Separating laundry is also a desirable duty for this age group because it teaches them their colors and it is fun.
Another age appropriate chore for this age group is putting books and toys away. This necessary task teaches the child to clean-up after themselves and how to be organized.

Ages 5-7

Age appropriate chores for 5-7-year-olds include all of the above chores plus more tasks around the house, in comparison to chores for themselves. Children this age can help with setting the table, putting away groceries, and bringing their plate to the sink. They can also make their bed, tidy up their bedroom, and put dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Make some tasks like a game or ‘eye spy’ to get them looking for the things that need to be put away.

Ages 8-10

Age appropriate chores for 8-10-year-olds include all of the above as well as learning how to fold clothes and towels and put them away. Tasks in the kitchen are enjoyable duties that also can be fun. These include putting away groceries and cleaning up after meals to loading the dishwasher.

Ages 11-13

Pre-teens can accomplish all the above age appropriate chores in addition to making their lunch, and learning how to do laundry. Pre-teens can also learn how to vacuum, dust and mop the floor. Outside duties can include washing the car with a parent. Some parents will pay their child to do weekly chores, while others consider it part of being in a family and everyone helping.


Teens should have full responsibility for keeping their room clean, making their bed, cleaning their bathroom and doing their own laundry. Family support can be taking on a meal once a week or being the ‘sous chef’ helping Mom or Dad with dinners – especially on the weekend when there may be some more time.

Family chores

As a family, some chores can be done together to promote quality time together. By doing tasks together, you are teaching children teamwork, and that is an important attribute to have in life. An example of a family duty is organizing common areas (family room; the lanai; the garage) . Outside the house, teamwork can be performed by picking weeds, planning and watering flowers, to mowing the lawn. Gardening is important because it teaches children to live green and help the environment.

Giving children chores to perform develops character. Not only do they learn responsibility and accountability, but they also find out how crucial organization and teamwork are as they grow-up. For the little ones, make a game out of chore time, so it is fun, and they look forward to it. By selecting age appropriate chores for your child, you are enhancing their self –confidence as well as making chores fun!

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