Making Your Bed Every Day Is A Must

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Everyone can get lazy from time to time, we are only human after all. It’s easy to say, “I’ll do it later” or “I’ll do it tomorrow” but more often than not, tomorrow never comes.

When it comes to making the bed every day, many people neglect to do this. Perhaps they’re in a rush to get to work or school, they might not think it’s particularly important or maybe they just can’t see the point of making it every day. However, making your bed every day is a must and there are many reasons why.

It’s not time consuming and it starts the day on the right foot

Time yourself and you’ll see – a bed can be made nicely in under 2 minutes and can have a positive impact on your mental state and set you up for the day ahead. I’ve seen some funny videos where the person is still in the bed, pulls up the sheets and cover, folds it down nicely and then slips out the side of the bed. Fluff the pillow and hey, it’s done!

It can lead to more good habits throughout the day

By making the bed every day and starting the day on the right foot, you give yourself a better opportunity to develop other good habits and ensure that your days are largely positive. Little things are unlikely to bother you as much and you are likely to be more proactive.

It can help to prevent allergies becoming worse

Making your bed every day helps prevent unwanted material falling into the bed such as dust, pet hair etc. This in turn can lead to a reduction in allergies and the negative impact that they can have.

Linens and pillows will keep their shape for longer

Making the bed will stop the sheets and pillows from getting permanently creased and therefore helps them to keep their shape. Leaving the bed unmade every day can have a negative impact on the linen and pillows which could leave you with a regular bill for new ones.

It can help give you a better night’s sleep

Sleeping in clean, unwrinkled sheets gives you a much better chance of a good night’s sleep than if you sleep in crumpled, messy sheets. Making your bed every day can be very helpful to your mental wellbeing which in turn leads to you finding it easier to relax and sleep well.

It can lower stress

Ultimately it gives you one less thing to think about at the end of the day. It barely takes a minute but when it’s added to a seemingly never ending to do list it can feel as though it will take much longer. Making your bed every day also helps to declutter a large area of the room and it is a well-known fact that clutter can dampen moods.

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