Jean’s Best 25 Cleaning Hacks

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  1. Old socks as dusting rag – a great one for involving kids; just slide it over their hands and let them dust away! Spray cleaner on the socks or on the piece of furniture. Throw them in the washing machine with other rags.

2.  Swifter Wands are my person favorite for a speedy dusting tool with no chemicals.

3 Dawn Liquid Soap is my ‘go to’ for cleaning just about everything. I purchase it in bulk for my staff and use it in my own home. PS. It’s my secret for cleaning windows.

4 Pumice stones to remove hard water rings in toilets are miracle workers! Mark it and keep separate from one for your own feet!

5 Microfiber cloths are a must to have in your cleaning caddy and to keep water spots off shower doors. Keep old face cloths at a perfect size for a dust rag.

6 Use liquid soaps instead of bar soap at home as it helps keep sinks and showers from a build-up of soap scum.

7 Grease Lighting to clean soap scum and calcium build up off shower walls (spray it down and let it sit for just a few minutes and it melts off; perfect for more difficult of jobs).

8 This is a crazy one but I will clean the shower when I take a shower (use Dawn and water to scrub your shower – you can add a little vinegar; it’s a natural bleaching agent).

9 Magic erasers for cast iron kitchen sinks takes away the scratches. There is nothing these things can’t clean. If you have white enamel sinks, you can fill them with bleach and water to take away marks too.

10 Squirt toilet bowl cleaner in the toilets and let it sit while cleaning the house. Makes for an easier job when it’s time to scrub the bowl.

11 Toilet cleaning bombs – they are made with only 3 ingredients: Dawn; Baking Soda and Citric Acid. They help keep the toilet fresh and clean, and it couldn’t be simpler.

12 Cut up a Magic Eraser and put a ¼ of it in the toilet bowl when you go on vacation. You will return to sparking bowls.

13 Laundry booster beads in the vacuum bag will give the home a great clean smell after you vacuum.

14 Old English Scratch Cover on a small area of wood floors; let dry and then mop as usual.

15 CLR sprayed in the dishwasher – then use an old toothbrush to loosen up any stuck on grim and when done, run the dishwasher with a hot water cycle.

16 Sprinkle baking soda on the inside of the dishwasher and run on the rinse cycle for a good maintenance routine.

17 WD-40 as a replacement for stainless steel cleaner. If you’re ever in a pinch, put a little dab on a rag and massage it in and you’ll never know the difference (FYI it will prevent rusting).

18 Grease remover for kitchen cabinets – use Dawn and water solution in a squirt bottle.

19 Use coffee beans in the fridge to eliminate odors!

20 For shower heads or faucets that are clogged with mineral deposits, wrap a plastic bag filled with white vinegar to the head; attach with a rubber band and let sit. Then scrub with a toothbrush.

21 Dryer sheets for cleaning glass shower doors: amazingly enough it takes off soap scum!

22 A dab of Dawn Dish Soap as an emergency pre-treat stain remover for your clothes.

23 Throw a dishwasher detergent cube in a dirty roasting pan along with a few inches of water. Boil it on the stove for about 15 minutes – your roasting pan will wash easily with no bits sticking to it!

24 Lysol Products are my #1 go to disinfectant. Check the labels of other products to make sure they really do disinfect.

25 Place extra garbage bags folded in the bottom of the kitchen garbage bin. As a bag gets full and you pull it out, your next bag is right there ready to install.

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