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I’m certainly not indicating that you are Ebenezer Scrooge! In fact, maybe just the opposite! If you’re like many of my clients you love all things red, green, sparkly, festive and lit up during the month of December. Often times, that includes live greenery throughout the home. It’s our Christmas dream to have a magazine-ready home for the holidays with the mantle perfectly adorned with pine garland, fresh wreaths hanging on windows inside the home and a real Christmas tree that would give Rockefeller Center a run for its money. One can dream, right?


Dream on, unfortunately. It’s a HO HO HORRIFIC nightmare for nearly 40 million people who suffer from seasonal allergies! In fact, just this year many Christmas tree farms increased their prices because fewer and fewer people are buying real trees. The reason? Allergy season! Allergy sufferers (both those who know they are and many who don’t) live in misery during the holidays. Here are the top three culprits and Jean’s Clean Team’s recommendations:


Mold – It doesn’t just grow on food! It’s invisible and floats around in the air like pollen. Mold spores live in evergreens, wreaths, boughs and yes…even our beautiful Christmas trees! For anyone who suffers from outdoor mold spore allergies, when you bring those beautiful live decorations inside you are essentially bringing the outdoors inside your home.


If you suspect you’re allergic to mold, it’s time to have some holiday fun with the kiddos! Make sock puppets with googley eyes or use micro-fiber cloths and decorate them with funny faces and see how much dust your creative creatures can collect! (Of course, you’ll need to follow behind and make sure you’re actually getting the cleaning done.)


Fireplaces – Santa would likely appreciate a clean fireplace when he travels down the chimney next week to keep his suit nice and clean. And your allergies might like a break from the fireplace, too. Whether it’s wood burning or gas log fireplaces, people have allergic reactions to both. Consider getting a shop-vac or even using a handy vac to suck up all of the soot and ashes in your fireplace. They are likely wreaking havoc on your respiratory system.

Overall, vacuuming on a regular basis is always a good idea. However, vacuuming can actually be bad for allergies. Consider purchasing a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter. It will help capture most allergy-irritating particles.


Candles – They give us just the perfect effect for Christmas parties and it’s impossible to celebrate Hanukah without them! However, you may want to stay away from candles. Their scents can cause allergic reactions causing people to sneeze, cough, get a stuffy, runny or itchy nose. Consider using an air purifier to help eliminate the allergens from candles that tickle your nose.

Take a deep breath…well…only if your holiday house is free of fresh pine, there’s no fireplace or candles burning. Christmas is almost here! And come January, Jean’s Clean Team will be busy de-cluttering, cleaning and getting homes across Northeast Florida ready for a New Year!

If you’d like help organizing or cleaning your home or business contact Jean’s Clean Team today for an estimate and more information.

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