30-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

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Spring cleaning is a ritual that has roots going back hundreds of years. But when we feel the urge in the spring to clean, it can feel a bit overwhelming. I’ve broken this challenge into a task a day over the month to have your home spotless. The kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, and office will be de-cluttered and refreshed. Are you up for the challenge? Download the Chart for easy reference!

Week 1

The first week you will focus your cleaning in the kitchen.
Day 1 – Clean cabinet fronts and wipe down the inside of cabinets.
Day 2 – Wash the front of the refrigerator and clean the inside of the fridge. Also give the kitchen windows a clean to let in the sunshine.
Day 3 – Clean and polish the toaster and dishwasher. Load and unload all dishes.
Day 4 – Clean the inside of the microwave and stove. If you have a self-cleaning oven, start it while cleaning the microwave.
Day 5 –De-clutter the pantry. Look for dated items to throw out; organize by types of meals like breakfast stuff; lunch stuff; baking; cooking etc.
Day 6 – Take out the trash and clean out the inside of the trash can.
Day 7 – Wash all kitchen counters and flat surfaces as well as clean the floors. Wipe down all kitchen baseboards.

Week 2

The second week of your spring cleaning challenge will be the bathroom. The bathroom is probably the dirtiest room in the house so make sure to stay on target and power through the cleaning of the bathrooms this week. The last two days of this week will focus on cleaning the bedrooms. Tasks to accomplish in these areas include:
Day 8 – Wash cabinet fronts. De-clutter drawers and wipe inside and out.
Day 9 – Wash mirrors and bathroom windows. Also de-clutter medicine cabinet and wipe inside out.
Day 10 – De-clutter and organize the linen closet.
Day 11 – Clean shower and toilet.
Day 12 – Take the trash out and clean the trash can. Sweep and mop the floor and wipe down all bathroom baseboards.
Day 13 – Start cleaning the bedrooms: Clean ceiling fans, windows, and blinds.
Day 14 – Clean under the bed, behind the furniture, and dust the entire room. De-clutter the drawers – or at least start!

Week 3

You are about halfway through your 30-day spring cleaning challenge when you hit this week. Week 3 will be focusing on the bedrooms and living room. Items to clean and organize in these two areas include:
Day 15 – Organize all the bedroom closets.
Day 16 – Mop, vacuum, and clean all the baseboards in the bedrooms.
Day 17 – Wash the wall trims and clean the grime off all the bedroom light switches/casings.
Day 18 – Start cleaning the living room: Clean the ceiling fans, lights, sofa, under the sofa, and clean/wipe the sofa cushions.
Day 19 – De-clutter all living room areas.
Day 20 – Dust all living room window blinds as well as above the door frames.
Day 21 – Clean all light switches and casings in the living room.
Day 22 – Mop, vacuum, and clean all baseboards in the living room.

Week 4

Once you hit week 4, you are almost done! Just a little farther and you will have completed this spring cleaning challenge. What an accomplishment! This week you will focus on cleaning the office and any miscellaneous areas. These tasks include:
Day 23 – De-clutter the office.
Day 24 – Clean all office fans, windows, and window blinds.
Day 25 – Dust the bookshelves, desk, and chair in the office.
Day 26 – Mop, vacuum, and clean all baseboards in the office.
Day 27 – Clean and organize the laundry area.
Day 28 – Clean and wipe off the front and back doors. Also, wipe down the front and back lights.
Day 29 – Clean and arrange all patio furniture.
Day 30 – Sweep or blow off the decks and clean the outside deck light.
Well, there you have it! Four weeks of cleaning and a spotless home to show for it. You have completed the 30-day spring cleaning challenge…until next year that is! Happy cleaning!

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