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child bedroom checklist (3) (003)Do you just sigh when you walk by your child’s bedroom and see the mess of scattered clothes, toys, books, and games? Did you just clean and tidy it yesterday and today you wouldn’t know?  Does that sound familiar?

There are a lot of benefits for mental and physical health by having a child’s bedroom clean and tidy. Less allergies from dust; less likelihood to trip and fall; and more ability to focus. A Princeton study in 2011 found that clutter can actually make it more difficult to focus on a particular task.  If your child already has difficulty concentrating, then creating a clutter-free space in the bedroom is really important.

As a Mom of two boys, I get it!  Despite cleaning and organizing as a business, it is hard to put things into practice at home and it does require ongoing monitoring and incentives and well as finding out why your children just drops everything on the floor!

I am starting a new service this March in honor of National Cleaning Week (March 26th to April 1st) targeted to children. It’s a half-hour or 1 hour ‘Kids Can Clean Consultation’ where I will come in to talk one-on-one with your child about their space (bedroom); what they like and don’t like; what they wish they had really close by to play with; if they understand their room is untidy; what they can never find; and I’ll also show them how to make their bed before I leave. After that initial visit, I will schedule follow-up visits of an hour, where your child, you and I can work on one aspect of the room they’d like to clean up.  The vision is that within a month (four visits); your child is feeling proud and happy to have a bedroom they like. If you’d like it done quicker than that, no problem.

The biggest culprit is just too much of everything in one room – and little pieces that come with many games and toys that disappear or end up everywhere!  As you (or me) start to work on this, you can always put old toys or sentimental things in a plastic bin in the garage so your child knows you still have it – and within a year if they haven’t aske for it, sell it at a garage sale and your child gets the proceeds!

Some immediate tips:

  • Make sure your child has a laundry basket in their room to stuff dirty clothes.
  • Have open baskets or colorful boxes (think IKEA) that are stackable for children to sort and dump their favorite toys, stuffed animals, or books into.
  • Aim for easy clothing storage solutions like open shelving in the closet for t-shirts and shorts rather than using hangers, or double up on rods so some are lower to a height that’s easily reachable for your child.
  • Think about what your child likes to do in their room (play games, do homework?) and focus on making that possible within the space available.
  • Have a reward system, like a piggy bank or gold stars on a calendar that once your child has collected so many, they are able to purchase something they want.

We are a quarter of the way through this year so let’s do it! And your kids can do it!

child bedroom checklist

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