Trick or Treat

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Trick or treat faces may be sweet, but the stains that face paint can leave on your kids’ clothes and costumes can be downright scary. Here are some of my best tips for getting face paint out of fabric – for good!

First, wipe the excess face paint off of the clothes with a knife or other blunt scraping tool, being sure to avoid spreading the paint further into the fabric.

Next, try to gently remove the spot with a gently soap – for example, baby shampoo or makeup remover. Let the soap soak into the fabric for one minute and rinse with cold water. (Never use hot water as it will set the stain into the fabric.)

If the stain isn’t fully removed, repeat the process above. If it’s really stubborn try a combination of baby oil and baby shampoo or Dawn dish soap. Make a paste out of the soap, let it soak for one minute and rinse again in cold water.

Happy (and stain-free) Haunting!

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