May happy sniffing lead to happy selling!

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When it comes to selling your home, you may have heard that the smell of fresh-baked cookies can help attract potential buyers. But the opposite is also true — less attractive smells can cause buyers to turn away, sometimes even the smells that you’ve grown accustomed to and don’t notice anymore.


Try to be more aware of sources contributing to a less-than-welcoming scent in your home, including the type of meat you cooked last night for dinner, the smell of Fido or Fluffy in your carpets or bedding, or those stinky tennis shoes in your closet.


Here are some of the worst offenders:

  • Non-smokers typically do not like the smell of smoke in a home. If you smoke, you might not notice the lingering smell, but a non-smoking potential buyer absolutely will. Whether it’s cigarettes or cigars, smoke tends to linger. It gets in your walls, fabrics and carpet and it can stay for very long time. Some companies specialize in getting smoke out of homes and it may very well be worth the investment before listing your house for sale.
  • The smell of mold is unmistakable and buyers will quickly get scared that there could be a big problem. If you think the smell of mold might be a problem in your home, make sure drains are clear and that your house has been professionally cleaned.
  • Bleach/chemicals. Some people are highly sensitive to the smell of bleach and other strong cleaners. So when you clean your home to prepare for a showing, be very cautious about the products that you’re using. You don’t want to drive away potential buyers because of the cleaning products you’re using. More isn’t always better in this case, so be sure you read labels before you invest in cleaning products for your home.
  • Those of us who are huge pet lovers tend to get used to our pets’ odors; it’s only natural. But when it comes to guests or a potential buyer, our pets’ smells can become a real problem. Some people may have allergies to pet dander, meaning some potential buyers might not even make it through the front door. Remove pets, pet food, litter boxes and other evidence of your furry roommates from inside the home and have your home professionally cleaned before showing. Don’t forget to vacuum daily!
  • While it seems like common sense, what smells delicious to you might smell terrible to another. Strong food odor does not sit well over time and can really turn stomachs. Examples of culinary troublemakers include: fish, curry, cabbage, and garlic. If you are eager to sell, I strongly suggest you avoid strong food odors. Make wise choices when cooking and empty your kitchen trash can daily.


May happy sniffing lead to happy selling!

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