How Business Productivity is Linked to a Clean Office Space

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Picture yourself walking into a business where you expect to find professional, efficient, and personalized service. But as you push through the glass doors of the entrance, you notice how dirty and smudged they are. Then, as you wait in the lobby, you see tattered magazines thrown haphazardly across the tables. Suddenly, the smell of fast-food wafts through the room as one of the staff members crosses the lobby. When you’re finally ushered to a cubicle, you can barely see over the multitude of knick-knacks on the representative’s desk. It takes her five minutes to find a pen that works!

After an experience like that, would you ever want to visit that business again?

This word picture may describe the current state of your business, but don’t worry. We’ve got a few tips to help you get things in tip-top shape. If you think cleanliness in the workplace doesn’t matter, think again. Business productivity is known to increase by at least 3-5% just by maintaining a clean office environment. In fact, according to this article, productivity and profits decline when clutter and chaos rise. Whether they are aware of it or not, clients will be much happier in a clean office space.

Business owners should create a checklist for staff that includes daily tasks. Checklists should include hourly inspections of the waiting areas and bathrooms. There should also be end-of-the-day tasks that ensure desks and cubicles are kept neat and tidy. You can then outsource the deep cleaning and sterilizing to a professional cleaning company in Jacksonville FL.

Another crucial thing to mention is the importance of maintaining a healthy staff. If employees are sick, they are not nearly as productive. There is a good chance they will pass their germs to other staff members and clients, which affects productivity. Encourage employees to stay home when sick and disinfect surfaces daily. In this post from Small Business Trends, the article points out, when desks and work surfaces are left unclean, viruses can linger on the likes of telephones and keyboards for 24 hours.

By maintaining a tidy work environment, followed by weekly professional office cleaning from Jean’s Clean Team, businesses can run more efficiently and therefore acquire more clients. People take note of how businesses are run, and cleanliness ranks at the top of the list. In fact, Coordinated Business Systems shares, whether you are climbing the corporate ladder, or already at the top, the way your office looks is a direct representation of your own personal professional brand.

It won’t matter if you provide the best services if you are the worst at cleanliness and organization. The bottom line is, take pride in your company and provide a clean, healthy environment for everyone who walks in the door.

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