Just like James Taylor Said, “Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall…All You Have to Do Is Call.”

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Spring has come and gone and summer is now upon us! If you’ve got little ones, you’re probably trying to get as much wear as you can out of the kids clothes before the next school year begins despite the fact they may be a little snug or short. But is it REALLY necessary to buy an entire wardrobe when they are playing outside over the next couple of months and just relaxing around the house more? Especially when so many kids have growth spurts during the summer. And how about all of the fall and winter stuff that hasn’t quite made its way into storage and closets? Spring and summer cleaning can be a daunting task but especially for busy parents. Winter, spring, summer or fall – most of us have a lot of stuff for each season. Here are a few of our best tips for seasonal storage:

Sweaters and winter clothes: If you have limited closet space and you need to store your winter clothes elsewhere (like an attic or separate closet) it’s important you make sure the clothes are clean, folded neatly and stored in compression storage bags allowing you to maximize your storage capability. Place them in clear plastic bins where you can easily recognize the contents when you go to search for them during the fall or winter seasons.

Storage and a sachet: When storing clothes for several months it’s always important to think about how you can keep the clothes smelling fresh. Especially for those of us living in muggy Florida. Consider placing a lavender (or another light scent) sachet in your storage containers. It will most definitely prevent the items from smelling stale or even musky. Also, it will be a time-saver from having to re-wash items when you pull them out of storage because they smell stale.

Fix it or forget it: How many times do we miss out on wearing a great pair of pants or a shirt because the zipper needs to be fixed, pants need to be hemmed or the shirt is missing a button and we’ve just never gotten it taken care of? As you’re working through the now “off season” clothes, set aside a pile of clothes that need to be fixed. This will give you an entire season or two to get it done! If it doesn’t get done before next fall, guess what? It probably never will so forget it and donate it!

Keep it clean and CLEAR: As you’re storing items one of the most important things to keep in mind is using CLEAR storage bins. It’s easy to be away from seasonal belongings and forget what you have or where you’ve stored them. By placing all storage items in clear and transparent plastic bins you’ll be able to easily spot them. Place the items you won’t need until the next major change of season on the higher shelves and those items you might need sooner on lower shelves for easier access.

Most geographic areas experience at least three if not all four seasons. Jean’s Clean Team is based in Jacksonville, Florida and we most definitely experience an extremely hot summer, a quick but lovely spring and even a freeze or two during the winter months. By properly storing items between the fall/winter and spring/summer months you can increase space in your closets, reduce clutter and allow yourself to stay more organized. Winter, spring, summer or fall – if you’re looking for organizational and storage help, just like James Taylor sang, “All you have to do is call and I’ll be there.”

If you’d like help organizing your home, as a lifestyle and organizational expert, I’d love to work with you and your family. Please contact me to schedule an appointment and let’s get started!

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