A Safe and Happy Holiday for Your Pet

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With the hustle and bustle of the season, including holiday celebrations in your home, it’s easy to overlook things that might be harmful to your pet. Take time now, before the festivities begin, to eliminate things that might be a hazard. Keep these things in mind as you ensure a safe and happy holiday for your pet:

Keep Plastic Away

Plastic bags, leftover from shopping trips, are definite health hazards to our pets. Not only can our furry friends get tangled in them, they can chew, swallow, and even be suffocated by them. Utilize reusable shopping bags whenever possible. Or, ask for paper bags at the store. Be sure to tuck used plastic bags out of sight or throw them away immediately.

Close the Door Behind You

If you aren’t planning on keeping your pets in crates during home events, be sure to close all outside windows and doors. Especially as guests are coming in and out, keep your pet safe by holding them or monitoring them closely. Kindly ask guests to close the door behind them, and watch for pets that like to escape!

Keep an Eye on Tinsel and Ornaments

Most pets won’t even notice your lighted Christmas tree standing in the corner. However, some dogs or cats may be attracted to the dangling, shiny ornaments. If this becomes a problem, hang ornaments higher on the tree. Consider avoiding tinsel altogether, as swallowing it can lead to choking or intestinal problems. You can still have a beautiful tree with minimal, pet-safe decor!

Hide Cords and Electrical Outlets

During the holidays, there are usually more cords and outlets being used for various decor items and gadgets. Keep in mind, your pet may be drawn to new, unfamiliar cords. Use electrical tape to secure the cords to walls and floors, so your pet won’t be able to move them around and bite on them.

Chocolate, Candy, and Cake—Oh My!

We all know chocolate is very dangerous for pets, but all sugar-laden treats should be kept out of reach. When the holiday goodies come out, be extra diligent in watching your pet to avoid cleaning a holiday mess. Keep a tight-fitting lid on all cakes and desserts. Clear plates from the table quickly, and don’t leave any bowls of candy or chocolates within reach. (This goes for under-the-bed hiding places as well!)

Monitor Candles and Diffusers

While everyone loves the smell of evergreen laced with cinnamon, burning candles and diffusers can be a big risk for pets. Candles can be knocked over, diffusers can spill and pets can easily get burned. It’s important when burning candles or diffusing oils to make sure you’re in the same room at all times. Set a timer for a helpful reminder to blow out candles or unplug and empty diffusers after each use. You might even want to consider using a natural room spray as a safer alternative to enjoying your favorite holiday scents.

While this time of year keeps us busier than usual, it doesn’t have to mean we are too busy to keep our pets safe and happy during the holidays!

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