4 Ways to Help Your Kids through the Moving Process

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You never know how your kids might react to the news that your family is moving. While some children will be excited at the thought of a new house to explore, others might be sad or reluctant at the thought.

It’s important for parents to break the news in the most positive light and give their kids plenty of time to process the idea. Even if there are mixed emotions involved, there are ways to help kids through the moving process.

If your family is moving, and you’re wondering how to help your kids adjust, here are 4 practical steps to consider:


1. Highlight the positives.

Whether you’re moving to a neighborhood that boasts beautiful parks, amazing school programs, or the best museums, highlight the positives for your kids and show them how your move will benefit them.

Try to get them to think beyond the idea of attending a new school or making new friends. Go online and explore the city’s website together. Take a virtual tour of the town and make note of the places you’ll visit once you’re moved in. Hopefully, by highlighting the positives, you’ll turn negative thinking around and help your kids process the move more readily.


2. Point out the unique features of the new house.

When it comes to your new house, point out all the unique features and help your kids envision their new space. If the new home has a big backyard, talk to your kids about the possibilities for outdoor fun such as setting up a trampoline or building a clubhouse. If your house has extra space in the basement, discuss ways you might fill that space with recreational things such as a ping-pong table or pool table.

While there will be things about the old house your kids will miss, try to build enthusiasm about  the unique things the new house has to offer. Before long, the new home won’t seem so new anymore, and your kids will be able to settle in comfortably.


3. Give them choices in how they decorate their room.

Be sure to give your kids choices in how they decorate their new rooms. Within reason, let them pick out the paint, choose a new wall hanging, and even incorporate more storage. By allowing them to create their own space, that reflects their own personality, they are more likely to settle into the new home with ease and contentment.


4. Assure them your move is best for the whole family.

While most kids have a hard time thinking beyond their own wants and needs, it’s best to help them think outside the box and consider what is best for the whole family. Whether it be a better job opportunity, a stronger education, or simply a change of pace, assure your kids everything is going to be okay—as long as you have each other.

Ultimately, you can help your kids through the moving process by remaining positive, realistic, and understanding. Before long, you’ll be happily settled in your new home with a bright and beautiful future ahead of you.

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