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Virtual Staging Pros and Cons Jean's Clean Team

When it comes to preparing your house to sell, not only is traditional staging a popular practice, virtual staging is rising in the ranks of popularity as well. Especially in today’s climate of social distancing, virtual staging has become a preferred choice for many home sellers.

Staging your home for online exposure is not only a way for your house to be viewed by more people, it’s a way to enhance every space. So what exactly is virtual staging, and how does it compare to the traditional staging of a home?

Simply put, staging a home is the practice of decorating every room to display the best features in order to attract buyers. There’s a lot of thought that goes into the staging process such as decluttering, organizing, and highlighting the most stand-out qualities of the home. Virtual staging takes it a step further by digitally inserting modern elements to the rooms of your house.

If you’re wondering about the benefits of staging your home, and wondering if virtual staging is right for you, here are both the pros and cons to consider:

Pros of virtual staging

•     Virtual staging can help a vacant home seem less empty and more welcoming.

•     Virtual staging can replace outdated furnishings with modern, digital furnishings.

•     Virtual staging is cheaper than traditional staging because it is done completely online.

•     Virtual staging can help potential buyers visualize each room from a birds-eye view.

•     Virtual staging draws more eyes to your home, which can lead to a quicker sale.

Cons of virtual staging

•     Virtual staging doesn’t work for every home. Vacant homes benefit most from virtual enhancement techniques.

•     Virtual staging may lead to a false sense of what the home is really like. It’s important to clearly state that the home has been virtually staged for photographic purposes.

•     Low-quality, virtually staged homes can look fake if not done by professionals.

•     Modern, virtual furnishings don’t actually exist in real life, which may disappoint potential buyers who tour the home.

Ultimately, staging your home to sell, either traditionally or virtually, is a crucial step in the real estate process. Whether you choose to do it yourself by following a tutorial, or choose to hire a professional, don’t skip staging your home to look its best. After all, staging your home will bring out its top qualities and capture the attention of potential buyers. And by carefully considering both the pros and cons of virtual staging, you can make an informed decision on the best route for selling your home as quickly as possible.

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