Setting up a Productive Workspace for Everyone in the Family

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It used to be, the kitchen table and living room floor were adequate spaces for paying bills, doing homework, and finishing work projects over the weekend. Not any more! As families are coming to terms with their “new normal,” makeshift work spaces simply aren’t cutting it. With both parents and kids working from home, it’s time to set up a productive workspace for everyone in the family.

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Here are 5 actionable tips to help your family get organized and be their best productive selves:

  1.  Designate a personal workspace for every family member.

As tensions run high, each family member needs their own designated spot to work, learn, and be creative. Decide where each child and adult will complete their daily tasks. Try to avoid shared spaces, especially for children who get distracted easily. Keep a healthy distance between family members, while still being available to help out when needed.

2.     Clear each area from unnecessary clutter.

The less clutter your workspace has, the better. Not only will excess clutter make you feel closed in, it will be distracting to your productivity. Create clutter-free spaces with plenty of organized bins for books, office supplies, and work materials. Less clutter means less stress, which will help your family focus and get things done!

3.     Supply each workspace with everything needed to succeed.

Gone are the days of one utility drawer full of household supplies. With kids engaging in remote learning and parents trying to meet work deadlines, every family member needs their own organized drawer of supplies. Think of it this way: Kids typically enjoy shopping for school supplies. So go shopping (in-store or online) for everything you need to make each workspace fully equipped and ready to go.

4.     Set the mood.

To help ease family tension and make working from home fun, allow a bit of creativity to set the mood for each workspace. For example, if you daughter loves rainbows, let her pick out a colorful poster to hang above her personal space. If your son loves astronomy, find a few models of planets he can hang above his desk. Set the mood accordingly, and watch their productivity soar!

5.     Respect one another’s space.

As family members adjust to their new normal, it’s important to set boundaries and respect one another’s space. This goes for young children as well, as they are taught to leave their siblings’ things alone, and vice versa. Have a family meeting to discuss personal boundaries.

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