Stage Your Home to Live

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When you imagine your home staged and ready to sell, what comes to mind?

Perhaps, you imagine clutter-free spaces, beautiful accents, and soft lighting. Or, maybe you envision freshly painted walls, newly lined cabinets, and organized closets. These are just a few staging techniques that make a home attractive to potential buyers. But did you know there’s another staging process? It’s called “staging your home to live.”

The idea behind this is to create a warm, inviting atmosphere for your family to enjoy now. It’s a way of making your home a sanctuary, and a way to help you live a better life. Functional spaces, such as bathrooms, can turn into at-home spas. Bedrooms become mini-retreats. Cluttered family rooms are reorganized to be more spacious.

The great thing is, it doesn’t take an entire remodel to stage your home to live. Every room in your house can serve as both functional and desirable.

Here’s a checklist to help you get started:

•     Declutter every room as if you were moving. (The more clutter you can eliminate the better!)

•     Paint in soft, warm tones. (You can always add bold, colorful accents with artwork.)

•     Replace harsh lighting with modern fixtures. (You can even keep it simple by adding dimmer switches and lower-watt bulbs.)

•     Have a place for everything (and everything in its place).

•     Replace standard shower heads with luxury “rainfall” shower heads. (These are inexpensive and easy to find.)

•     Refresh your bathroom towels with new plush towels. (This is a great way to add touches of color to the room.)

•     Remove nicknacks and decorative items that simply gather dust. (Keep only what brings you joy and creates an environment of peace.)

•     Incorporate a music system on every level of the house. (Great for cooking, doing chores, or dancing in the living room!)

•     Hang new blinds and curtains to filter in better light. (At the very least, wash your existing blinds and curtains.)

•     Allow each family member to have a space that reflects their style and personality. (Clutter-free!)

•     Leave plenty of open space for friends and family to gather without feeling crowded.

A big part of staging your home to live is spending the time envisioning what your desired outcome is. If you truly want your home to be a place that is welcoming to all, think of ways to minimize the clutter and add those special touches.It’s time to make your home what you always dreamed it could be. After all, there’s no better time than now.

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