Hi! My name is Jean Hill and I’m proud to be a locally-owned business here in the Jacksonville-area for the last 26 years, helping clients like you have the clean, organized homes they desire.

As a wife and mother of two boys (plus a dog), I truly understand how hard it is to keep a home clean and organized! I also know how difficult it can be to find reliable, trustworthy services.

I have a wonderful ‘clean team’ of dedicated women who have worked with me over many years, and whom I personally train. I customize your cleaning experience by finding out upfront what matters most to you during my initial visit to your home. I’ll then make sure it’s cover in our systematic approach: I use a software program to capture your requirements and advise staff before every visit if there is something they need to know that’s changed from the last visit.

Together with cleaning is organizing what you have. I help clients to first declutter and reduce ‘stuff’ in their homes and then organize it so life is easier and simpler at home. You can book my time for your home; I also offer a one-on-one service to help your children learn the positive benefits of an organized bedroom.

Let’s get to it! Call me today at 904-619-8952 for a free consultation.

 Jean Hill, Owner