A heap of things by the front door? A pile of paper on the kitchen counter? Out-dated cans and dry goods in your pantry? Feeling stressed by the mess and don’t know where it should go – or have the time to sort it out?

Lucky for you I thrive on organizing my clients’ homes!  I offer a private, one-on-one personalized service that is available in a one-hour consult by phone or Skype; a 3-hour minimum at your home; a half-day package or a full-day deep dive with you. I’ve been with clients for up to several weeks working on transforming rooms that begins with an honest assessment of what needs to be kept and what can go to another good home like many of the charities in town. Once we declutter, then we organize.

I offer:

  • Refrigerator and pantry cleaned, decluttered and organized.
  • Kitchen cupboards reorganized so command central functions better!
  • Bedroom closet makeovers.
  • Linen closets and bathroom cabinets simplified.
  • Laundry rooms to see the clothes you want to clean!
  • ‘Kids Can Do It’ enjoyable mini lessons for your children that are age-appropriate to help them learn how to sort, clean, and tidy their rooms with suggested charts and reward systems that kids love!
  • Garages: maximize your space with everything in its place and make weekend projects easier to do!
  • Home offices for an efficient, organized place to work – I teach filing systems too!
  • Downsizing strategies for empty-nesters or seniors deciding to live with less.
  • Home parties: Get the girls over for a social night and learn some of my secrets to getting organized. Pick a topic you’d like covered I’ll come prepared with check lists, tips and hacks to guide you and your friends on getting unstuck and focused on organizing.

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